Supply Chain Management

From conception to customer, World Media Group delivers unrivaled services to enhance each link in your supply chain.  The days of just being a “vendor” no longer apply.  Buyers want strategic partners that provide competitive advantages.  We understand your needs and have built a turn-key system that will save you time and money.

Stop stressing over drop shipments, distribution points, logistics budgets, and returns.  World Media Group can facilitate all of these for you in one central location.

To find out more about how World Media Group can streamline your Supply Chain, complete the quick contact form on this page one of our Project Specialists will contact you immediately.

Supply Chain

World Media Group’s Supply Chain Benefits

Vendor Status
We are already set up in your system as an approved vendor.  Transitioning new services to our facility is simple and easy.

Not only does World Media Group manufacture optical discs (CD and DVD), but we also produce high-quality, custom-printed Plastic Cards (Gift, Loyalty, Membership, etc) and USB Flash Drives.  Recently, we added a state-of-the-art digital printing division to our Indianapolis facility that features same day printing service for inserts, wraps, posters, flyers, business cards, pos materials, brochures and more.

Component Sourcing
During our 25 years of operation we have learned a thing or two about sourcing.  Use our experience in component sourcing and procurement, which is backed by thousands of domestic and international relationships.

Kitting & Assembly
Our versatile Kitting and Assembly division features automated packaging and collation with an entire operation dedicated to manual assembly.  This division is not just limited to media products. We can package and assemble any configuration (with the exception of perishable food and chemicals).  We are currently building projects for FanPacks (Music+Merchandise), POS displays, convention welcome kits, sales meeting materials, and consumer electronics.

Digital Delivery
Code Redemption, Mobile Applications, Digital File Downloads, Landing Pages, and E-books are all components of our Digital Delivery platform.  We’ve invested in cutting edge technology and some of the brightest minds in the business to help transition your traditional products to the digital space.

Direct To Consumer Fulfillment
Every day, we ship thousands of orders through our Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment operation.  Orders are accepted via your E-commerce platform and flow directly into our order processing system.  Orders are pick, packed, and shipped on the same day.

Our Indianapolis warehousing facility features over 100,000 square feet of product storage, complete with inventory management, order processing software and 24 Hour Security Surveillance.

Our central location provides one-day shipments via most common carriers to over 70% of the US.  We ship daily to major distribution centers and maintain our own truck fleet for local and regional deliveries.

Contact Center Services
Our Call Center provides all types of support services and instantly becomes a face for your brand.  Our US-based call center supports a variety of product inquiries and support functions with daily reporting.

Program Management
Program Mangers oversee all aspects of your account including inbound calls via our call center, inventory control, e-commerce development, order processing, and consumer shipments.  Our Program Managers are experienced and work with major Fortune 500 brands.

World Media Group’s return processing program will accept, process, manage, and report your returns.  We also offer scrapping and recycling programs for defective products.

To find out more about how World Media Group can streamline your Supply Chain, complete the quick contact form on this page.  One of our Project Specialists will contact you immediately.