What is a QR Code?

QR Codes, short for “Quick Response” Code, are two dimensional barcodes that are designed to be read by a mobile scanner.   Most current mobile devices already have a QR reader (scanner) installed ahead of time.  If not, there are many apps available for free.  OK, so now you know what they are.  What do you do with them?

QR codes have quickly become the most popular tool for mobile marketers.  These codes allow the user to scan the code and offer a wide range of actions, automatically.  The most popular use is to direct someone to a website or specific URL.  Scan the code and your device will automatically take you to that web address.  QR codes can be found on bus stops, your doctors office, and in the grocery store. QR codes can also be programmed to perform a number of additional tasks including downloading contact information to your phone, dialing a phone number, downloading a Vcard, or displaying product information.  Below we have listed some basic QR code functions.

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Top QR Code Uses – The Basics

  1. Display website or URL
  2. Dial Phone Number
  3. Send a Text Message
  4. Launch a service
  5. Link to a social landing page
  6. Display a location on a map
  7. Send an email
  8. Subscribe to an RSS feed.

Anatomy of a QR Code


Anatomy of QR Code

Top Creative Uses of QR codes

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Remember, QR codes are delivering information to MOBILE users.  With that said, you will need to make sure that the code’s embedded link is optimized for mobile viewing. Some say that QR codes are a passing fad, but given the record pace at which mobile devices are dominating internet usage –  it is safe to say they offer tangible value.

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