World Media Group Joins Sony Green Partner Program

World Media Group has been a leader environmental stewardship for many years.  Recently, World Media Group furthered its commitment to its customers and the environment by joining the Sony Green Partners Program.

Sony designates suppliers that cooperate in the production of environmentally sensitive products as Green Partners. Sony established the “Sony Green Partner Standards” in 2001 with the aim of encouraging suppliers to introduce Green Partner environmental management systems.

In 2002, Sony established a set of “Management regulations for environment-related substances to be controlled which are included in parts and materials.” Environment-related substances to be immediately banned or reduced were identified, as well as their applications. To make sure that suppliers observe these regulations, the “Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program” was prepared.

From April 2003, Sony procures parts and materials for its products solely from suppliers that have qualified as Green Partners. This qualification is one requirement for suppliers wishing to both start and continue doing business with Sony. Suppliers must renew their Green Partner approval every two years.