Fulfillment Services

World Media Group’s Warehouse and Fulfillment operations fully integrate order management, e-commerce partners, and shipping carriers to create a seamless flow of data from your customer’s request through an order management system and delivery to the final destination.  Each order includes shipping confirmations and tracking information. Our online status allows instant access to inventory reports for components and finished materials including the shipment status. Regardless of your location, you always have 24/7 access to your project’s status.

Versatility is our business.

Fulfillment Services

World Media Group is uniquely suited to handle everything from small, daily orders to large-scale, global product launches.

Discuss your project with one of our Fulfillment Specialists by completing the quick request form on this page.

Profile Fulfillment Services include:

How our Fulfillment Services will impact your bottom line:

  • Reduce inventory and warehouse costs
  • Consolidate your supply chain in one location to reduce freight and delivery costs
  • Re-position your staff to development instead of operations and logistics
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Fulfillment Services Include:

  • Order Management
  • Order Processing
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Inventory Management and Reporting
  • Daily Pick & Pack
  • Global Shipments
  • 24/7 Online Status Reports
  • Daily Order Assembly and Packaging
  • Product Warehousing
  • Truck fleet for regional pick-up and deliveries