CD and DVD Disc Printing

One area that sets World Media Group apart from the competition is the quality of our printing. Our internal standards are higher than most competing manufacturers, and that gives you the best looking disc available.

Below you will find a basic description of the of the different processes offered at World Media Group.  Still not sure what will work best for your project?  Contact one of our specialists and they will be happy to assist you.

Disc Printing

Offset Disc Printing

Offset printing process gives you the highest resolution and the most dynamic range of colors. Our discs are printed at a sharp 200-line screen. Offset disc printing will give you superb quality when printing images such as photographs, patterned images, sharp lines, and gradations.

Silkscreen Disc Printing

Silkscreen printing process gives you the brightest colors and crystal clear type. This process achieves a resolution of up to 150-line screen.  Silkscreen disc printing will offer superb results for discs that are printed with 1 or 2 colors and that are generally simple colors and text.

Printing Upgrades

Both options provide your project with professional full color printing through a 4-color process.  Ask our project specialists about additional PMS spot color and clear coat options!