Tiered Classification System for Data Storage Makes Understanding USB Drives Easy

Sep 1, 2011

Any consumer understands that no two products are created equally. USB flash media is a classic example of “get what you pay for.” Tiered storage was created to classify varying qualities of flash media. USB flash drive quality is measured by integrity of the device’s silicon chip. If durability and data integrity are important to your USB drive purchase, then distinguishing between tiers proves an essential first step. Each flash memory chip used in a USB drive is originally cut from a larger silicon chip. After the intricate circuitry is created, the chips are cut from this master.  Chips cut from the center prove strongest and grow less reliable as they near the edge.

Photo of USB Flash Drive Memory Chip

The Tiers:

  1. Tier 1:
    Contain few to zero glitches and are often backed by lifetime warranties. An easy way to spot a Tier 1 USB drive: manufacturers will often include a name or serial number on each memory chip. Tier One drives are built from the highest quality memory chips and are recognized as the most dependable form of USB Flash Drives on the market.

  1. Tier 2:
    Tier 2 memory chips are still dependable, but may not have the same quality and warranty as Tier 1.  They will often last as long as a Tier 1 drive but can produce a higher error rate during the duplication process, resulting in inconsistent finished product.  It’s difficult to distinguish between these to levels, but its no uncommon to find Tier 2 media without any manufacturer information or serial numbers. being stored.

  1. Tier 3:
    These are the fringe cuts from the original silicon wafer. They have up to failure rate, limited life spans, and zero warranty. Tier 3 USB drives are often purchased by third party vendors and sold at a reduced rate.  Chances are that “low low price” you found online is actually Tier 3 product.  Is the type of quality you want to represent your business?


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