10 Business Uses For QR Codes

Sep 5, 2011

Mobile technology has completely changed the way that corporations interact with consumers. Never before has sharing information been so widespread and instantaneous. QR codes are arguably the fastest growing development in the mobile marketing. They are turning up everywhere–from hair salons to tattoo parlors. Consumers scan the versatile codes with smart phones, accessing an endless variety of content. The codes can be printed on almost any surface imaginable.

1. Business Cards: Standard business cards offer a limited amount of space and information. Give potential clients and customers a wealth of knowledge by including a QR code on your next business card. With one quick scan, your information is delivered to their phone.

2. Posters: Movie posters remain a vital piece of advertising in the film industry, but the poster itself is rather one dimensional. By including a QR code, consumers can link directly to the movie’s trailer. The same goes for concert posters–with QR codes linking to an artist’s music or videos.

3. Invitations: Any experienced event planner can speak to the difficulty of obtaining timely RSVP’s from guests. With a QR Code, an RSVP is as simple as a quick scan.

4. Concerts: Sure there are more attractive pieces of art than a QR code, but what could be more effective? Instead of steering fans to a crowded merchandise table, musicians of all kinds can have QR codes linking to digital downloads for every song on their setlist. Simply project the codes above the stage during songs.

5. Commercials: Move customers from the couch to the point of sale without ever leaving the living room. This advertisement by AXA is an excellent example. We are not as far from Willy Wonka’s candy bar broadcast as we once thought.

6. Food: QR codes are revolutionizing customers’ relationship with the foods they eat. By including a QR code, restaurants and food service industries can provide recipes or even information on where the ingredients were grown and purchased. This concept is a perfect fix for any picky eater, someone with food allergies, or the calorie counter.

7. Maps: Subway systems, airports, convention centers, music festivals and more are making navigation a breeze by placing interactive maps in the palm of visitors’ hands.

8. Direct Mail: QR codes linking to personalized URL (Uniformed Resource Locator) brings direct mail pieces into the 21st century. Offer customers a variety of access points on your next mailer.

9. News articles: Want to steer traffic from the page to the web? By including a QR code beneath articles, readers can instantly comment on posts and interact with other readers.

10. Museums: By placing a QR Code next to exhibit pieces, visitors gain instant access to artist info, the time period and related artists. Rather than steering guests toward the museum shop, simply include a QR code that links to a poster of the painting that they can purchase from the phone and grab effortlessly on their way out.

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