Qriket: The QR Code App That Pays Dividends

Mar 8, 2012

These days it’s beginning to seem as if there is an app for just about everything. Apps for sports scores, scheduling, bank statements, angry birds – things you never could have possibly imagined. The latest in the long list of oddball applications comes in the form of a game called Qriket: “The real-world mobile game that lets you and your friends win real money.”

As you may have guessed from the title of the app, Qriket’s platform is built around QR codes. The game is a relatively simple concept. Friends band together and scan a variety of QR codes, and participate in various challenges. At the end of  each month’s “season,” the various teams points are calculated and the cash prize is rewarded. The contest then begins again, with a new cash prize available for the taking.

Even if you do not win the monthly grand prize, there are immediate cash bonuses handed out on a regular basis. Another interesting facet to the app is that, unlike most QR Code readers, Qriket requires no internet connection to use. To learn more about Qriket visit the company’s website and watch the video below.

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