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Aug 30, 2011

CDs Reign Supreme in Debate Over Audio Quality

A recent article published by NPR begged the question “Whatever happened to the audiophile?” Over the last 20 years, technological advancements in the audio industry have made listening to music more convenient and mobile. However, many of these strides toward convenience have amounted to a deterioration in the quality of sound that listeners are ingesting.The article… More

Aug 21, 2011

World Media Group Sponsors Broad Ripple Music Fest

World Media Group is proud to be an official sponsor of the fifth annual Broad Ripple Music Fest. The event will feature 17 stages and over 150 local, regional and national artists, making it one of the largest live music events in the greater Indianapolis area. “We have maintained deep ties with the Indianapolis music… More

Aug 19, 2011

Man Builds Hotel Room Out Of 200,000 Plastic Hotel Key Cards

At World Media Group, we are constantly on the hunt for new and creative uses of our products. Recently, we stumbled upon a couple of videos from Bryan Berg. He is the current Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards. Unsatisfied by capturing the title of every ten year-old… More